Shadowrun Seattle 2050 - Get Born Again

17. Present

After 24 hours of hiding out in an undisclosed location with Jane Foster, the team was summoned via a telephone call to a set of buildings in the Puyallup Barrens.

The team was guided to the correct building by a blind elf, he pointed them up a large 40 storey building with no working elevator. Some time later, the team reached the summit and met their mysterious employer; an elf by the name of Harlequin.

Harlequin seemed pleased to meet his employees and was happy to answer questions about the previous missions that he had sent the team on. He was particularly pleased that they seemed to have spotted most of the connections and worked out, more or less, what was going on.

Harlequin had begun an elaborate ritual which was designed to humiliate Ehran the Scribe, an old rival of Harlequin’s. The team had been used as pawns to perform each aspect of the ritual which was designed to eastablish Harlequin’s dominance over Ehran. As the team had been succesful in all of the previous parts of the ritual, it just remained for them to complete the final act.

Harlequin then asked for the team’s help in finishing the ritual, he stood them in various positions around the room, instructed them to hum at specific frequencies, then explained that Jane Foster was the long lost daughter of Ehran the Scribe.

Ehran had apparently turned one of Jane’s thigh bones into a ‘spell lock’ which would allow Ehran to locate Jane whenever he needed. Harlequin planned to use this link to attack Ehran magically and complete the ritual. The attack would not harm Ehran, but would establish that Harlequin could now reach Ehran whenever he desired.

Unfortunately the ritual backfired, Jane’s thigh exploded, and Harlequin was thrown across the room by a great burst of magical energy. Enraged, Harlequin made sure that Jane received medical attention from the team and then demanded that they travel to Mount Saint Helens to locate Ehran and check whether he had been harmed.

It seemed that some kind of trap had been laid and Harlequin’s ritual could have killed Ehran due to the backlash of magical energy. Harlequin threatened the team then stepped off the top of the building, with Jane Foster, and disappeared.

The team made their way into Salish-Sidhe territory and ventured into the caverns and fissures of Mount Saint Helens. Eventually the team found a bridge that led to a wonderous underground complex filled with sumptuous furnishings and art – many of them antiques from the Renaissance period. The place was staffed by munchkins, paranormal creatures that looked like monkeys or monkey butlers if you will.

The munchkins treated the team graciously and provided strawberries and champagne upon the team’s arrival. After some exploration of the complex, the team found the dead body of Ehran the Scribe. Wondering what to do next, the team was interrupted by the arrival of Harlequin. Again he was furious as it seemed his ritual had gone tragically wrong and had killed his rival.

Harlequin and the team were interrupted by one of the munchkins who informed the dead body of Ehran the Scribe that he had visitors. Just as the team made to meet the newcomers, Ehran the Scribe arrived.

It seems that the dead body was a simulacrum and the real Ehran was alive and well. Ehran threw a rapier to Harlequin and invited him to complete the duel. Harlequin ripped off his prosphetic left ear and began a whirling physical and magical duel against Ehran.

Meanwhile delegates from Tir Tairngire attempted to intervene in the duel on Ehran’s behalf and attacked the team. The team fought them off and witnessed the end of the duel.

Halrequin managed to penetrate Ehran’s defences and sliced off Ehran’s left ear. Ehran screamed that the injury merely made the two of them even – it was clear that the duel had far from settled things between the two mysterious elves. Harlequin saluted to the team, threw them his rapier and disappeared in a flash of prismatic light. Ehran howled with rage and disappeared using a similar effect.

The team was left alone to make their way back to Seattle and ponder on what had just happened.

A month later, Harlequin sent the team a custom made photo postcard showing that he was now in Phoenix, Arizona along with Jane Foster.



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