Shadowrun Seattle 2050 - Get Born Again

5. Physical


The team met with a Mr Morlock at the penthouse suite of the Laubenstein Plaza Hotel. He requested that they steal the latest literary work of Ehran the Scribe, the noted social theorist. The hand-written document was located in the offices of Sylvan Information and he also required that they leave behind a viral program in the mainframe. The virus would then delete any digital copies of the manuscript and leave behind several red-herrings to confuse any investigation. Payment was 5k up front, a further 5k on completion, and a 2k bonus to leave any other data in the mainframe intact.

Investigation into Sylvan Information revealed it was a publishing house located in Bellevue that had mainly elven authors and designers on its books. Cerberus acquired the datamap of their mainframe and Janus bribed his way to a copy of the blueprints for the building. An astral reconnaissance by Ghost discovered that four barghests patrolled the grounds at night. Barghests are dual-natured creatures with a howl that can cause paralysis and terrify the weak-willed.

Deciding against engaging the creatures, Janus bypassed the mag locks, gaining entry into the building. Ghost and Cerberus, both hidden by invisibility spells, entered the structure and located a computer which was quickly hacked. Before leaving the virus, Cerberus discovered an odd data file which contained generational and biometrical data on dozens of families. It indicated that surveillance had been conducted since 1834 AD on numerous individuals, but had ceased when they reached late 30s/early 40s or they suffered a severe illness.

The physical manuscript was located and the team began their exfiltration. Lewbowski was spotted by one of the barghests, but Janus shot it twice with narcojet darts and it collapsed before it could do any harm. The team returned to Mr Morlock well within the allotted timeframe and received their payment.

Location Visited
Laubenstein Plaza Hotel
Sylvan Information Publishing House

Important NPC’s
Mr Morlock
Ehran the Scribe

• Janus attempted to distract/poison the barghest with drugged sausages, but the creature ignored the bait


Sausages?! Ahahahahahahaha!

5. Physical

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