Shadowrun Seattle 2050 - Get Born Again

3. Mercurial

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The group assembled at the Underworld 93 Club at the request of Jericho to meet with Max Foley, the new agent of the famous singer, Maria Mercurial. Foley indicated that her previous manager, Armando Hernandez, had both threatened Maria’s safety and was a supplier of BTL dreamchips. The team was asked to ensure her safety for the next five days, at which point she could legally switch managers. Foley also claimed that Hernandez was holding out on 180k of Maria’s earnings, and if the team could transfer the funds from Federated Funds Net to Foley, they would earn an 11% finders fee. 5k would be earned if Maria survived the next five days.

As the negotiations drew to a close, three thugs burst into the room claiming (in Spanish) that Maria would regret her decision to leave Hernandez. Of particular note was that all three had eyes that glowed an eerie red colour. Two were killed in the ensuing firefight, the third knocked unconscious. The prisoner was examined by Ghost who indicated that he was possessed by a spirit and was then quickly dispatched by Pangea.

The team then proceeded to collect their gear and head out of town. However, Pangea noted that they were being tailed by a car. He attempted to lose it, but ended up driving down a dead-end alley, closely followed by the car which contained three men, clearly Yakuza. Enigma kicked open the back doors of the van and laid down several murderous bursts of automatic fire, killing two almost immediately. Pangea cut the third to ribbons.

Hernandez had strong Yakuza ties and it became apparent that the team would struggle to leave Seattle, so decided to hole-up in an empty warehouse. Cerberus managed to hook-up a connection using the remnants of the buildings old wiring and transferred the funds from Federated Funds Net to Foley. The team switched warehouses over the next few days and managed to stay ahead of the Yakuza until with just hours remaining until the deadline, the warehouse was assaulted by another group of Yakuza, this time aided by a female mage.

When the dust settled, the Yakuza were all dead and Cerberus had a minor flesh wound. However Ghost had been hit by two bursts and was badly injured, unconscious and bleeding, although he was quickly stabilised by Cerberus. During the fight the female mage tried to lure Maria with a dreamchip, and while she was clearly sorely tempted, managed to resist.

When the time limit was reached, Foley transferred the payments to certified credsticks and then left the warehouse, before being reduced to a charred ruin by an unknown assailant. However, an unreliable witness claimed he was killed by a dragon.

Location Visited
Underworld 93

Important NPC’s
Max Foley
Maria Mercurial
Armando Hernandez

• Enigma began psychological treatment for her amnesia under the care of Ghost. Following the preliminary assessment, Ghost concluded that the amnesia was unlikely to have a physical cause, similarly no clear psychological cause was apparent. He did note that her aura was particularly difficult to read, although appeared normal in all other respects.
• During the firefights, the first that she had been involved in, Enigma noted that time seemed to slow down, allowing her to dispatch enemies with ease. Additionally, she realised that her need for nutrition was much higher than the rest of the team, perhaps due to her extensive bioware.
• Ghost recovered a magical staff, likely a focus of some kind, from the female Yakuza mage.


Ahh, look at my little group of mushrooms all sitting in the dark and cheerfully eating manure.

3. Mercurial

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