Shadowrun Seattle 2050 - Get Born Again

16. Future

The team was contracted to travel to Columbia, Missouri to locate and capture Jane Foster, a secretary for a local corporation. Believing this to be a simple employee extraction, the team made its way across Amercia to retrieve the woman. The only unusual condition was that the team had to leave behind a familiar looking rare orchid at Jane’s apartment.

Jane Foster was missing from her apartment when the team arrived, it was clear there had been a struggle in the apartment and she had likely been attacked. Following a trail of clues the team found a gang called The Pretenders in a local club. After a misunderstanding and a short brawl, the team learned that Jane was hiding out in a womens shelter run by the church.

The team visited the shelter but failed to convince the sister running the facility to let them in. During the argument, Jane Foster fled the scene and the team gave chase. Jane was cornered by armed assailants in a car but the team defeated them.

Jane was then bundled into a van, taken to the airport, and then flown back to Seattle. When the team arrived they were instructed to get into a limo with Jane to be taken to their mysterious employer…



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