Shadowrun Seattle 2050 - Get Born Again

17. Present

After 24 hours of hiding out in an undisclosed location with Jane Foster, the team was summoned via a telephone call to a set of buildings in the Puyallup Barrens.

The team was guided to the correct building by a blind elf, he pointed them up a large 40 storey building with no working elevator. Some time later, the team reached the summit and met their mysterious employer; an elf by the name of Harlequin.

Harlequin seemed pleased to meet his employees and was happy to answer questions about the previous missions that he had sent the team on. He was particularly pleased that they seemed to have spotted most of the connections and worked out, more or less, what was going on.

Harlequin had begun an elaborate ritual which was designed to humiliate Ehran the Scribe, an old rival of Harlequin’s. The team had been used as pawns to perform each aspect of the ritual which was designed to eastablish Harlequin’s dominance over Ehran. As the team had been succesful in all of the previous parts of the ritual, it just remained for them to complete the final act.

Harlequin then asked for the team’s help in finishing the ritual, he stood them in various positions around the room, instructed them to hum at specific frequencies, then explained that Jane Foster was the long lost daughter of Ehran the Scribe.

Ehran had apparently turned one of Jane’s thigh bones into a ‘spell lock’ which would allow Ehran to locate Jane whenever he needed. Harlequin planned to use this link to attack Ehran magically and complete the ritual. The attack would not harm Ehran, but would establish that Harlequin could now reach Ehran whenever he desired.

Unfortunately the ritual backfired, Jane’s thigh exploded, and Harlequin was thrown across the room by a great burst of magical energy. Enraged, Harlequin made sure that Jane received medical attention from the team and then demanded that they travel to Mount Saint Helens to locate Ehran and check whether he had been harmed.

It seemed that some kind of trap had been laid and Harlequin’s ritual could have killed Ehran due to the backlash of magical energy. Harlequin threatened the team then stepped off the top of the building, with Jane Foster, and disappeared.

The team made their way into Salish-Sidhe territory and ventured into the caverns and fissures of Mount Saint Helens. Eventually the team found a bridge that led to a wonderous underground complex filled with sumptuous furnishings and art – many of them antiques from the Renaissance period. The place was staffed by munchkins, paranormal creatures that looked like monkeys or monkey butlers if you will.

The munchkins treated the team graciously and provided strawberries and champagne upon the team’s arrival. After some exploration of the complex, the team found the dead body of Ehran the Scribe. Wondering what to do next, the team was interrupted by the arrival of Harlequin. Again he was furious as it seemed his ritual had gone tragically wrong and had killed his rival.

Harlequin and the team were interrupted by one of the munchkins who informed the dead body of Ehran the Scribe that he had visitors. Just as the team made to meet the newcomers, Ehran the Scribe arrived.

It seems that the dead body was a simulacrum and the real Ehran was alive and well. Ehran threw a rapier to Harlequin and invited him to complete the duel. Harlequin ripped off his prosphetic left ear and began a whirling physical and magical duel against Ehran.

Meanwhile delegates from Tir Tairngire attempted to intervene in the duel on Ehran’s behalf and attacked the team. The team fought them off and witnessed the end of the duel.

Halrequin managed to penetrate Ehran’s defences and sliced off Ehran’s left ear. Ehran screamed that the injury merely made the two of them even – it was clear that the duel had far from settled things between the two mysterious elves. Harlequin saluted to the team, threw them his rapier and disappeared in a flash of prismatic light. Ehran howled with rage and disappeared using a similar effect.

The team was left alone to make their way back to Seattle and ponder on what had just happened.

A month later, Harlequin sent the team a custom made photo postcard showing that he was now in Phoenix, Arizona along with Jane Foster.

16. Future

The team was contracted to travel to Columbia, Missouri to locate and capture Jane Foster, a secretary for a local corporation. Believing this to be a simple employee extraction, the team made its way across Amercia to retrieve the woman. The only unusual condition was that the team had to leave behind a familiar looking rare orchid at Jane’s apartment.

Jane Foster was missing from her apartment when the team arrived, it was clear there had been a struggle in the apartment and she had likely been attacked. Following a trail of clues the team found a gang called The Pretenders in a local club. After a misunderstanding and a short brawl, the team learned that Jane was hiding out in a womens shelter run by the church.

The team visited the shelter but failed to convince the sister running the facility to let them in. During the argument, Jane Foster fled the scene and the team gave chase. Jane was cornered by armed assailants in a car but the team defeated them.

Jane was then bundled into a van, taken to the airport, and then flown back to Seattle. When the team arrived they were instructed to get into a limo with Jane to be taken to their mysterious employer…

15. Eye of the Eagle

Rather unusually the team was hired by a shape-shifting eagle to investigate an explosion in a small town in Salish-Sidhe territory. The explosion was the work of terrorists native to the territory; their political aim being the removal of all white settlers from Native lands.

Following a trail of clues from the small town of Kemano, the team fought the Haida National Army of Liberation across the small settlement. The team eventually located clues that led to an abandonded army research base.

The base was partially destroyed but still contained samples of a lethal weaponised virus designed to wipe out all life in an area within a 24 hour period. After that the virus would breakdown and die off. The virus was designed to be airbourne and was not contagious via carriers.

The team fought off more members of the terrorist group and located a small sample of innoculations to the virus. The team also discovered where the HNAL planned to launch a strike against a city on the coast.

The team caught up to a hijacked ferry and killed the terrorists before the ferry reached its destination. The virus was then taken back to the research base and the team collapsed the rest of the facility, sealing the virus samples within.

14. Spiritual

The team was hired to infiltrate a plantation located deep within the Brazilian rainforest and steal a rare orchid. The team was also contracted to leave an optical chip behind in place of the orchid.

The team was ferried to the plantation via a series of flights and then via raft and finally via hiking through native territory. During the journey the runners saw first hand the magical regrowth of the rain forest as human dwellings within it faced a daily battle against the local flora encroachment.

The runners made friends with a friendly local tribe and then encountered a violent tribe guarding the lands surrounding the plantation. The team took out the aggressive natives and, with some help from the friendly tribe, they reached the plantation.

The team successfully crept into the complex and managed to steal the orchid without inflicting any casualties. The team sabotaged a helicopter gunship, then stole a plane and fled from the plantation to an airfield in Lima, Peru.

13. Ivy & Chrome (Cacodemon Debt Default Syndrome)

The team was hired online by a person referring to themself as ‘Diana’. The team were to find a missing teenager called Fayette who had run away from her expensive boarding school.

The girl had fled the school with her elf ganger boyfriend to a ‘back to nature’ commune in Salish-Sidhe land. The team followed the girl there where it was revealed that the girl’s aunt was the commune leader and the one who had hired the team.

Fayette was in hiding from her father, an Aztechnology executive who had performed a ritual and promised two sacrifices to some kind of demon spirit. He had perfomed half of the ritual by killing Fayette’s mother but had yet to kill Fayette in order to complete it. Fayette’s father was determined to seal the deal and kill Fayette with the help of his resources at Aztechnology.

Fayette’s aunt protected her by using stolen Aztechnology funds to pay for Fayette’s new identity and private education. Unfortunately this hard work was ruined when Fayette brought attention to herself by running away from school.

The team organised a defence of the commune and the Aztecnology forces were defeated along with Fayette’s father who succumbed to his wounds and the effects of his failure to complete the ritual (or Cacodemon Debt Default Syndrome as it was so elegantly termed by medical staff).

Fayette was later returned to her school where she proceeded to flunk every class and drop out…

12. Counterstroke

The pollution hangs low over Seattle this twilight, the broken cloud cover scattering shards of orange and purple light. He gazes at the clouds, the light, the sky, for a moment, then dismisses the thought. Too many memories of other nights, other skies. He speaks without turning. She listens without moving.
“Again they plague me. Pawns moved by a hand I cannot plainly see. It is not to be borne, Ariel, nor shall I bear it longer. Chal’han is a game of many moves, and the time has come for mine.”
Now he turns to her, his eyes harder than they have been in ages. She smiles. Ariel has memories of her own.
“Go to these tools of my enemy, Ariel. Learn what they know. Teach them fear.”

The two man team of Cerberus and Janus was hired to extract a corporate employee from her role with Natural Vat Foods. The operation did not go according to plan as a heavy security force arrived during pick-up and forced the duo to accept a lift from a mysterious woman, Ariel Nasir. Once the van was clear of the firefight, the duo were overcome by sleeping gas filtered into the van.

Upon waking the duo found themselves in a prison cell. Eventually a team of thugs took them away individually to be tortured by a man calling himself Doctor What. He asked several questions about previous missions the team had undertaken and inflicted great pain when he didn’t get the answers he wanted.

An elf from the [[11. Loves | Young Elven Technologists]], Lancelot Windtree, oversaw the torture sessions and took great delight in the prisoners’ discomfort.

After some time and much pain, the duo managed to escape their cell by shorting the maglock that contolled the cell door. They recovered their gear and Janus managed to exact some revenge by slaying Lancelot Windtree in cold blood.

They left the underground complex via a secret passage which led a wooded area outside a cliff top house. Government vehicles raced toward the house and the duo took that as their cue to leave and begin the long walk home.

11. Loves

The team was hired by a someone(?) masquerading as an elf by the name of Lee Gorbin. The team was told to break into a club belonging to the poli-club the Young Elven Technologists. Once inside the team would locate and steal passcodes for several business that had hired YET to set up their Matrix security. The team would use these passcodes to hack and run a custom program on an investment firm named Dassurn Securities & Investments. The team was then required to leave the an envelope and a copy of the passcodes in Ehran The Scribe’s office within the poli-club building.

The team took the job and scouted the place out, locating points of entry and security weaknesses. The team returned in the middle of the night to raid the building and complete their tasks. After some sneaking and combat involving onsite security, Cerberus performed two runs – one to steal the passcodes and another to hack Dassurn and run the program. The program drained Dassurn Securities of all of its funds and delivered them into one account. Dassurn’s accounts were empty and someone became very rich.

The team managed to deliver the envelope and passcodes and fled as the APN arrived to attack the YET for some unrelated matter. In the confusion the team escaped into the night and returned home to find their accounts had already been paid for the completed job.

10. Bottled Demon
Bottled Demon

The team was approached by a sweaty, shifty looking man by the name of Topal. He offered a simple job – bodyguard him for a few hours while he conducted a business deal. The team agreed and Topal arranged them later in the night.

Topal drove the team out to a junkyard in the Puyallup Barrens where he met with a mysterious elf by the name of Bloodwing. Topal attached a briefcase to Enigma’s wrist and began to negotiate but before the deal could take place, the participants were ambushed by Lone Star forces. They announced that they were there to arrest the terrorist, Bloodwing. Not wanting to be arrested, the team fled after Topal was killed by a stray bolt of magic.

After successfully fleeing the scene, the team laid low and examined the briefcase they had taken from Topal. The case contained a strange idol of a demon holding an orb. The idol was an incredibly powerful magical focus that could be used without bonding to it. There was something strange about the idol though, it’s power source came from somewhere other than the usual magical energies.

The team found that they were being hunted by Lone Star as their descriptions were plastered all over the evening news. The team moved on from their compromised hidey hole but were ambushed by a magical society called The Children of Sophocles. Fortunately the team was able to talk the magic users down before any blood was spilled. The Children were seeking to avenge the death of Topal and had assumed the team was responsible. When given the full story (and a look at the idol) the Children pointed the team toward a Dog Shaman by the name of Trixie who could help them with the idol.

Upon meeting Trixie, she explains that she had dreamt of the idol and knew it was an item of incredible power and evil. She explained that the idol must be destroyed before it brought ruin upon the team. In Trixie’s opinion the only being capable of destroying such a powerful item would be a dragon. Fortunately Trixie knew of a dragon in Seattle by the name of Geyswain.

The team met with Geyswain and he agreed to destroy the idol in return for a favour owed by the team. Relieved to be rid of the item, and for no up front cost, the team left (although Enigma had to be sedated in order to give up the idol – she had become somewhat ‘attached’ to it).

Shortly after leaving the team was picked up by a person claiming to be a Great Dragon by the name of Arleesh. She was annoyed at the team for leaving the idol with a so-called ‘lesser’ dragon and now wanted the team to help her regain the idol and actually destroy it for real. According to Arleesh, Geyswain was incapable of destroying the idol and would attempt to harness its power.

After some time spent planning, the team approached Geyswain’s corporate lair and found that someone had already broken into the building’s matrix system. Inside the building the security guards had already been killed by various methods. It was clear something had gone horribly wrong in Geyswain’s lair.

The team confronted Geyswain and found that he had attempted to use the idol’s powers. In doing so it had turned him into a wild killer, he had slaughtered his security staff and was in the process of killing Bloodwing when the team arrived. The team attacked Geyswain, with Bloodwing’s help, while Arleesh held back. Once Geyswain had been taken down, Arleesh swooped in in her true form as a Feathered Serpent and rendered the idol inert. She tossed the now useless idol to Pangea and flew off, leaving the team to once again deal with a Lone Star taskforce.

Bloodwing offered Pangea 50,000 for the idol which Pangea accepted. Just as Lone Star were about to arrest Bloodwing, he produced papers which identified him as a diplomat belonging to Tir Tairngire, thus giving him diplomatic immunity and avoiding arrest. The team fled into the night as Pangea was still a wanted man for crimes committed earlier in his career (also, the team think he probably killed a cop during their confrontation with Lone Star).

9. Past


The team were hired to steal a book called Pandemonicus Faustus from a German noble called Baron Munchmaussen. The team was also asked to deliver a mysterious valise and leave it in place of the book.

The team flew via suborbital aircraft to Germany and travelled through the various fractious states that make up the country. Eventually the team arrived in Schloss Munchmaussen, a beautiful village living in the shadow of the baron’s impressive mountainside keep.

After some scouting and planning the team infiltrated a tour group of the grounds while Janus sneaked into the main grounds. Janus eventually located a replica of the book and was caught in a trap of the Baron’s devising. Janus was taken down by the security staff but managed to radio a message to the rest of the team.

The team rescued Janus from the keep’s basement where they found a vast collection of medieval items, amongst which was the real copy of Pandemonicus Faustus (Collectanea Occultica). The team kidnapped Baron Munchmaussen (a noble troll with rheumatism) and used him to guarantee safe passage out of the barony. The baron was then left in the boot of the car in the next barony and the team began the long journey back to Seattle.


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