Night of Rage

The Night of Rage on February 7, 2039, signified the date of the single greatest anti-metahuman riot of all time. Anti-metahuman hate crimes were escalating prior to the Night of Rage due to the 14th amendment to the UCAS Constitution (and similar legislation throughout the world) which proclaimed that metahumans had no rights. These hate crimes culminated into worldwide riots that saw the death of thousands of people. In many cities, metahumans were rounded up and detained “for their own protection”, but this often led to the populations to become sitting ducks for the violence that followed. Many metahumans lost their homes and livelihood.

In Seattle, metahumans were sent to warehouses that were being used as makeshift detention centers. Hand of Five terrorists firebombed the warehouses and killed hundreds of metahumans in the blaze, which the Seattle Metroplex Guard initially did nothing to stop.

The United Corporate Council responded by threatening the plex government, which in turn threatened Lone Star with breach of contract, should they continue inaction. As of 2050, this had been the only instance of UCC strong-arm political pressure being applied so bluntly. Lone Star leapt into sudden competence, and it was believed the Hand of Five was all but exterminated as a result.


Night of Rage

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