When you spend a point of Edge, you can choose to have one of the following happen:

• You may declare the use of Edge before rolling for any one test (or one interval roll on an Extended Test). You may add a number of extra dice equal to your full Edge attribute to the dice pool. All dice (not just Edge dice) rolled on this test are subject to the Rule of Six, meaning that if you roll a 6, you count it as a hit and roll it again.

• You may declare the use of Edge after you have rolled for one test. In this case, you may roll a number of extra dice equal to your full Edge attribute and add their hits to the test’s total. The Rule of Six, however, applies only to the additional Edge dice rolled, not the original dice pool.

• You may re-roll all of the dice on a single test that did not score a hit.

• You may make a Long Shot Test even if your dice pool was reduced to 0 or less; roll only your Edge dice for this test (the Rule of Six does not apply).

• You may go first in an Initiative Pass, regardless of your Initiative Score. If multiple characters spend Edge to go first in the same pass, those characters go in order according to their Initiative Scores, then everyone else goes according to their Initiative Scores.

• Blitz: Roll the maximum of five Initiative Dice for a single Combat Turn.

• You may negate the effects of one glitch or critical glitch.

• You may invoke the Dead Man’s trigger rule.

A character can only spend Edge points on her own actions; she cannot spend it on behalf of others (except when engaged in a “teamwork” test). No more than 1 point of Edge can be spent on any speci¬fic test or action at one time. If you spent a point of Edge for extra dice and rolled a critical glitch anyway, for example, you cannot use Edge to negate that critical glitch since you have already applied Edge to that test.


• Impressive roleplaying.
• Heroic acts of self-sacrifice.
• Achievement of important personal goals.
• Rolling a critical glitch – you get a point of Edge to balance the scales.
Note that you may never have more Edge points than your full Edge attribute – luck only counts if you use it.


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