Shadowrun Seattle 2050 - Get Born Again

8. Dreamchipper


The team was hired by an exectuive by the name of Urlan Manes. Manes is the head of Global Technologies, a modest Seattle based corporation focused on the production of simsense discs and skillchips. A robbery had resulted in the theft of three prototype skillchips and the team was hired to locate and retrieve the chips unharmed.

After some investigation of the team of shadowrunners who had stolen the chips, it was revealed that the robbery was an inside job instigtated by an ork by the name of Junior. Junior was the son of the former head of Global Technologies and had been looked over for promotion when his father passed away. Junior had the chips stolen so he could sell them to a business rival, Hollywood Simsense Entertainment and take over Global Technologies once Urlan Manes had been fired from his position as CEO.

The team managed to retrieve a chip from Val, a rigger who had been paid with a Cleopatra personality chip. The former tomboy had plugged in the chip and become a manipulative, business focused, powermonger who had managed to gain the ear of a Hollwood Simsense Entertainment exec by the name of Pengrave. After a visit to a lavish party, the team chased down Val and removed the chip from her. Val had no memory of what had happened to her while she was ‘Cleo’.

The second chip was removed from the body of Cooperman, the fixer who had arranged the original theft and put that team together. The chip made him believe he was Genghis Khan and he had used his new found skills to organise and lead a collection of different street gangs. Cooperman was tracked down to a warehouse in the Barrens and was killed by the team. Once Cooperman had died, the gangs violently split apart again.

The third chip was attached to a street samurai by the name of Griffin. The chip was modelled on Jack the Ripper and had made Griffin commit several murders in one area of the city. He was brought out of hiding by Cerberus (in disguise as a ‘joyboy’). Griffin was killed when he attempted to murder Cerberus.

The team returned the chips to Global Technologies and Urlan Manes was grateful for the team’s hardwork… and their silence.

Locations Visited
The Banshee – a bar with a secret bar for discrete meetings.

Important NPCs
Urlan Manes


  • During the investigation, the team discovered that Snout had been hired to follow them and report to Junior. Snout was happy to sell this information to the team.
  • Junior attempted to kill the team at The Banshee but was knocked unconscious and captured by the team. He was locked away in a safehouse while the team decided what to do with him.
7. Hates


The team met with a woman named Charlie who offered them an assassination job targetting the six leaders of an organisation known as the APN, Associaton Para-Nobilis. This apparently ‘pro-elf’ organisation was responsible for the deaths of several elves throughout the city. The elves were murdered due to their lack of ‘purity’ as the APN believed that all elves should strive to live up to their stereotypical fantasy archetype (as made popular in books such as Lord of the Rings or Dungeons and Dragons). The APN is entirely composed of human ‘elf posers’ – humans who dress up and act like elves.

Plans for the APN’s headquarters were easily obtained from City Records and the infiltration was performed in two parts. Enigma astrally projected into the building and located each target before the rest of the team physically infiltrated the location while under the effect of an invisibility spell.

The heads of the APN were easily terminated but other rank and file members of the APN were left alive. To fulfil a series of bonus payments, an envelope was left in the lap of the body of APN leader, Xeric the Mad, and the left ear tips of each high ranking member was collected and delivered to Charlie.


  • Enigma and Pangea moved into new lodgings together where Enigma, under the guidance of Morven, created a magical lodge.


The team was gathered together and chauffeur driven to the Space Needle restaurant, The Eye of the Needle. There they met with Mr Walker who represented Biogene. The team was offered the job of stealing a sample of biotechnology from an underground Aztechnology research facility.
No sooner had the team accepted the job offer then they were told that they must perform the run that very night. The team was handed over to Mr Holmes who would be their driver for the night. Holmes drove them to a part of the Seattle sewer network from which they would infiltrate the facility with the aid of some plasteel melting spray.

The team made their way through the sewer and infiltrated the facility with little difficulty. The facility was in fact in two parts and the team had entered the Beta section. Access to Alpha section was sealed off by a heavy pressure door which could only be opened from within Alpha. The Beta section was in a lockdown state and signs of combat were found throughout the complex. After much searching and encounters with insane staff members and genetic abominations, the team located the data and bio sample and returned to the sewers. The data and sample was for a Metagene virus, capable of making new metahumans by combining DNA from different creatures.

Upon exiting the sewer system the team realised that Mr Holmes had disappeared from the designated rendezvous point. The van had been left behind and the team used it to reach the designated meeting spot to handover the data and sample.

The team reached the wharf where the drop off was to take place but the contact was an obvious impostor. The impostor had brought along friends who were revealed to be members of the racist terrorist organisation, Alamos 20000. It was soon revealed that Alamos 20000 wanted the data for their own nefarious purposes, preaching a pure world of humanity and a purging of the other races. Before the team could act, an assault helicopter and several APCs bearing Aztechnology insignia arrived. The helicopter fired upon the team and they took cover in a nearby warehouse.

The team discovered a couple of ork children hiding in the warehouse and they offered to take the team down a trapdoor and to safety. Having no other option, the team descended into the sewers again. The team eventually arrived at an underground shopping mall, Wilhem Park.

The team met an elderly ork (38 years old!) Alan Bronston. Alan told the tale of the Night of Rage where hundreds of metahumans were burned to death in 2039. Wilhem Park had become a home to a vast community of orks as a result of that fateful night.

Ghost was taken away by the orks when it was revealed that he was wearing a tracking device provided by the Alamos 20000. Alan assured the team that no harm would come to Ghost and that he would help Ghost to escape the hold the Alamos had over him.

In return Alan requested that the team return to the Aztechnology facility to rescue orks captured for experimentation and to also extract Dr Carole Owens from her employment with Aztechnology. Bronston suggested that Biogene would be more than happy to employ someone of Dr Owens’ talents. Bronston also claimed that he would arrange a new meet up with Biogene so the team could deliver the Aztechnology data and complete their contract.

The team entered Alpha complex and, with minimum resistance, eventually located Dr Owens. The team also liberated some ork captives and were able to sneak out of the facility without raising the alarm.

Back at Wilhem Park, the team witnessed a confrontation between Bronston and Owens as Bronston accused the doctor of profiting from the suffering of her former home. It seems that Owens had worked with Bronston in the past and together they had developed the Metagene research, but Owens had left Wilhem Park in order to work with Aztechnology and profit from her work.

The team convinced Bronston not to kill Owens and agreed to sell her to Biogene. The team then moved on to the safehouse where Bronston had arranged a meet up with Biogene. Upon arrival it seemed that the team had missed a firefight between Alamos 20000 and Biogene’s hired security force, Knight Errant. The Alamos 2000 had lost that fight. It appeared that Holmes had been killed by Mr Walker during the fight, confirming earlier suspicions that it was Holmes who had probably tipped off Alamos 20000 to the earlier meeting place.

Mr Walker was happy to receive the Metagene data and to purchase the services of Dr Owens. He left a reasonably happy man.

Locations Visited

  • The Eye of the Needle restaurant
  • Wilhem Park

Important NPCs


  • Ghost was not reunited with the team, his current whereabouts are unknown.
  • Enigma, under guidance from Pangea, discovered she possessed a powerful weapon focus. When the focus was activated it seemingly awakened a spirit called Morven who had apparently been bound to the weapon by Enigma.
  • Lebowski used part of his payment to arrange for a shipment of medical supplies and food to be delivered to Wilhem Park at a future point.
5. Physical


The team met with a Mr Morlock at the penthouse suite of the Laubenstein Plaza Hotel. He requested that they steal the latest literary work of Ehran the Scribe, the noted social theorist. The hand-written document was located in the offices of Sylvan Information and he also required that they leave behind a viral program in the mainframe. The virus would then delete any digital copies of the manuscript and leave behind several red-herrings to confuse any investigation. Payment was 5k up front, a further 5k on completion, and a 2k bonus to leave any other data in the mainframe intact.

Investigation into Sylvan Information revealed it was a publishing house located in Bellevue that had mainly elven authors and designers on its books. Cerberus acquired the datamap of their mainframe and Janus bribed his way to a copy of the blueprints for the building. An astral reconnaissance by Ghost discovered that four barghests patrolled the grounds at night. Barghests are dual-natured creatures with a howl that can cause paralysis and terrify the weak-willed.

Deciding against engaging the creatures, Janus bypassed the mag locks, gaining entry into the building. Ghost and Cerberus, both hidden by invisibility spells, entered the structure and located a computer which was quickly hacked. Before leaving the virus, Cerberus discovered an odd data file which contained generational and biometrical data on dozens of families. It indicated that surveillance had been conducted since 1834 AD on numerous individuals, but had ceased when they reached late 30s/early 40s or they suffered a severe illness.

The physical manuscript was located and the team began their exfiltration. Lewbowski was spotted by one of the barghests, but Janus shot it twice with narcojet darts and it collapsed before it could do any harm. The team returned to Mr Morlock well within the allotted timeframe and received their payment.

Location Visited
Laubenstein Plaza Hotel
Sylvan Information Publishing House

Important NPC’s
Mr Morlock
Ehran the Scribe

• Janus attempted to distract/poison the barghest with drugged sausages, but the creature ignored the bait

4. Mercurial Part Two

With their payment safely tucked away, the group followed up on Enigma‘s suspicions and began to investigate Foley’s story. Cerberus hacked Hernandez‘s computer and discovered that the information regarding the BTL trading and his Yakuza links had been planted by a rather inept decker. The previous hack had also stolen the Federated Funds Net account details that were given to the team, suggesting that Foley had arranged Maria’s break with Hernandez. Cerberus also hacked into Foley’s account and discovered that he was half a million in debt to Taroshi (of the Yakuza). He also found a file indicating that Foley and Taroshi had a plan to settle the debt, the file was dated the same day that Maria found the BTL files on Hernandez’s computer, further implicating Foley.

With Hernandez seemingly innocent, the group resolved to return both Maria and his money. However, before they could leave the warehouse, they were ambushed by six highly trained individuals in heavy armour. They were driven off, leaving behind three dead, although no identification or indication of who they worked for could be found. As Pangea chased the last of the ambushers out of the building, he spotted a suspicious ork who immediately fled. Cerberus identified him as Snout, a snitch known to frequent the ‘Down and Out’ bar.

After returning Maria and Hernandez’s 180k, the team flushed Snout out of the bar and began the interrogation. He indicated that he had met a scarred Aztlan indian at the abandoned Taetzel Building, who had hired him to track down the group (although the only good description was of Cerberus) and scope out their hideout. Investigation into the Taetzel Building revealed that it was owned by Perfecto Polymers, a subsidiary of Aztechnology, and they had recently reoccupied the building, reconnecting the electricity and telephone lines. This allowed Cerberus to hack their systems which revealed that Maria had once worked for them as a PA/bodyguard for an executive by the name of Reynaldo Texamachach. The company had ignored numerous environmental laws and dumped a huge amount of toxic waste in a underground chamber somewhere in the Barrens. The location of this chamber was noted in Reynaldo’s report, the only surviving copy of which was stored in Maria’s cranial hard drive, although she had no knowledge of its existence, or of her previous life.

The team decided to download the information from Maria and then delete it from her internal hard drive. They then approached the Taetzel Building and brokered a deal with Kyle Morgan, the leader of an Aztecnology team known as the Dragon Knights. They would hand over the file containing the location of the chamber in exchange for the continued safety of themselves and Maria. On confirming the location of the chamber, the team was allowed to leave the Taetzel Building, on relatively good terms with Morgan.

Location Visited
Down and Out
Taetzel Building

Important NPC’s
Maria Mercurial
Armando Hernandez
Kyle Morgan


• Maria’s unusual cyberwear was traced to a Dr. Sorayama in Japan.
• The second in command of the Dragon Knights was an actual dragon by the name of Perianwyr, likely the killer of Foley.
• Following the completion of their investigation, the team decided to go their separate ways for a month, although Ghost and Enigma remained in contact, continuing Enigma’s therapy. Cerberus improved his medical skills, Janus learnt to Influence others and Ghost discovered Conjuring. Enigma spent her time exploring Seattle in an attempt to discover any familiar locations.

3. Mercurial

Trailer 2

The group assembled at the Underworld 93 Club at the request of Jericho to meet with Max Foley, the new agent of the famous singer, Maria Mercurial. Foley indicated that her previous manager, Armando Hernandez, had both threatened Maria’s safety and was a supplier of BTL dreamchips. The team was asked to ensure her safety for the next five days, at which point she could legally switch managers. Foley also claimed that Hernandez was holding out on 180k of Maria’s earnings, and if the team could transfer the funds from Federated Funds Net to Foley, they would earn an 11% finders fee. 5k would be earned if Maria survived the next five days.

As the negotiations drew to a close, three thugs burst into the room claiming (in Spanish) that Maria would regret her decision to leave Hernandez. Of particular note was that all three had eyes that glowed an eerie red colour. Two were killed in the ensuing firefight, the third knocked unconscious. The prisoner was examined by Ghost who indicated that he was possessed by a spirit and was then quickly dispatched by Pangea.

The team then proceeded to collect their gear and head out of town. However, Pangea noted that they were being tailed by a car. He attempted to lose it, but ended up driving down a dead-end alley, closely followed by the car which contained three men, clearly Yakuza. Enigma kicked open the back doors of the van and laid down several murderous bursts of automatic fire, killing two almost immediately. Pangea cut the third to ribbons.

Hernandez had strong Yakuza ties and it became apparent that the team would struggle to leave Seattle, so decided to hole-up in an empty warehouse. Cerberus managed to hook-up a connection using the remnants of the buildings old wiring and transferred the funds from Federated Funds Net to Foley. The team switched warehouses over the next few days and managed to stay ahead of the Yakuza until with just hours remaining until the deadline, the warehouse was assaulted by another group of Yakuza, this time aided by a female mage.

When the dust settled, the Yakuza were all dead and Cerberus had a minor flesh wound. However Ghost had been hit by two bursts and was badly injured, unconscious and bleeding, although he was quickly stabilised by Cerberus. During the fight the female mage tried to lure Maria with a dreamchip, and while she was clearly sorely tempted, managed to resist.

When the time limit was reached, Foley transferred the payments to certified credsticks and then left the warehouse, before being reduced to a charred ruin by an unknown assailant. However, an unreliable witness claimed he was killed by a dragon.

Location Visited
Underworld 93

Important NPC’s
Max Foley
Maria Mercurial
Armando Hernandez

• Enigma began psychological treatment for her amnesia under the care of Ghost. Following the preliminary assessment, Ghost concluded that the amnesia was unlikely to have a physical cause, similarly no clear psychological cause was apparent. He did note that her aura was particularly difficult to read, although appeared normal in all other respects.
• During the firefights, the first that she had been involved in, Enigma noted that time seemed to slow down, allowing her to dispatch enemies with ease. Additionally, she realised that her need for nutrition was much higher than the rest of the team, perhaps due to her extensive bioware.
• Ghost recovered a magical staff, likely a focus of some kind, from the female Yakuza mage.

2. Silver Angel

The 1st Trailer

The group assembled at the Matchsticks Club at the request of Jericho to meet with a Ms Johnson by the name of Eve Donovan. She was brokering a data steal Run on behalf of Ares Macrotechnology. The job entailed the theft of a file called Silver Angel from an isolated system at the Cavilard Research Centre (a subsidiary of Mitsuhama). It was critical that the theft took place at 2am in three days time. The payment was 5k up front, with 3.5k on completion. A further 1.5k stealth bonus would also be paid if we could leave no trace.

Following some general data searches and canvasing the ‘word on the street’, it was discovered that the datamap for the isolated system was held by Karen Whisper, the girlfriend of a deceased Runner and a dancer at the Cutting Edge with the stage name Queen Conchita. Lebowski bought the datamap and passed it to Cerberus for analysis. Information on the security at the Research Centre was gained from Haruhiko Blake, their ex-security chief.

Ghost astrally projected and completed a recon of the Centre, noting the number and location of the security guards, and a decker was hired to turn off the numerous security cameras inside the building. Shipping to and from the Centre was provided by Russell Overland and the team hijacked one of their delivery trucks. Cerberus, Janus and Lebowski disguised themselves as the delivery drivers, taking their hazmat suits and identity badges, Ghost become invisible and hid in the rear of the truck.

The initial stage of the infiltration went to plan, with the Russell Overland delivery gaining the team access to the lower level, and Cerberus and Janus heading to the isolated system. Unfortunately, Cerberus was then spotted by the security guards and a brief firefight ensued, leaving two guards unconscious. Silver Angel was then downloaded and deleted from the system. During the exfiltration, a second team (consisting of Firebird and White Tiger) was encountered, also intent on stealing the file. The group managed to surprise them and left them both unconscious for security and Lone Star to find. The team then again met with Eve at the Matchstick Club in order to pass on the Silver Angel file and receive payment.

Location Visited
Matchsticks Club
Cutting Edge

Important NPC’s
Eve Donovan
Haruhiko Blake
White Tiger

Cerberus made a copy of Silver Angel but was unable to understand its content
Janus stole a deck from Firebird, with the intent of becoming the teams secondary Decker

1. Food Fight

A visit to the local Stuffer Shack turned into a firefight when the group were accosted by a team of bumbling hitmen.

PC’s Present:


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