I must have been 5 at the time, my sister Anariel a year younger and my brother Tomas a couple of years older. We were all first generation elves. My poor parents decidedly human wages slaves. The abuse we all took virtually on a daily basis eventually was too much so it was decided we’d move to one of the new enclaves. The day before we had a small farewell to our few remaining friends in a local restaurant. I don’t recall the name, the décor was retro 1980’s, very weird. That’s were it happened. A group of Corp security and Execs were there, I remember their snarling faces, words, angry words, pushing, flashing knives and the low thud of guns. I hid with Anariel, then the law enforcement arrived, late… too late. My parent, brother dead, Tomas died trying to avenge my parents death right there.

I cried for days with my sister. That was the last time I cried.

The men responsible were arrested and tried, they were provoked apparently, all got off.

We left for Tir Tairngire.

That was then, now I have avenged my parents, the ones responsible are all dead.


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