Lenny Lebowski

G - Private Detective


“(Former) detective Lenny Lebowski had liked being in the police. Not just the authority and the big gun (though those were cool, not that he’d ever admit it). It was having the power to make a difference. Even after Lone Star took over and more and more corporate sh*t rose its head, you could still, on a good day, stop the bad guys, or set the ‘not so bad’ guys back on the straight and narrow, or help out a citizen or two.

It was the corporate sh*t that got him kicked out of Lone Star in the end. He had been investigating some company whizzkid with a taste for drugs, drink and more. Lenny had been real close in connecting him, and maybe even his whole company, with a major drugs cartel (the kid’s salary was big, but not big enough for that size of mansion and those parties). Then someone must have tipped the kid off – a senior manager in Lone Star dropped in for a chat, warned Lenny to drop the case, to focus on more pressing investigations.

Lenny had been real close to doing just that, or at least thinking about it, but he couldn’t resist one last surveillance trip to the Kid’s place. Caught him beating up a girl, rushed in, arrested the guy and frog marched him into the local cells. That had felt good. Within 24 hrs though the kid was free and a ‘random’ check had found a significant stash of narcotics in Lenny’s house – the computer records even showed that he had been diverting them from police seizures for several years to supply the local gangs – all very thorough. He was given a stark choice: dishonourable discharge or trial. It wasn’t even really a choice.

So now Lenny is a private detective – using his knowledge of police techniques and contacts on the street to help paying citizens. Mostly it’s missing pets and unfaithful husbands but it’s still making a difference in a small way."

Lenny Lebowski

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