Masked mercenary. More machine than man.


Born Better

Michael and Martin Harrison were born a few minutes apart in the summer of 2028. Throughout their mother’s pregnancy, his parents were assured that the twins would be identical. The birth proved the doctors wrong.

Michael was an unremarkable baby, what you would describe as a text-book example of what a baby looked like. When the doctors saw Martin they nearly dropped him in shock. It was clear that something had happened during the pregnancy and the returned magic had affected him. His pointed ears, almond shaped eyes and lithe frame clearly marked Martin as being an elf. The doctors reassured the boy’s parents that this sometimes happened now and there was no way of predicting how or when it happened.

As the boys grew older, it became apparent that Martin’s magical heritage provided him with certain benefits over Michael. He was more athletic than Michael, able to climb or run faster and for longer than his human sibling. He was also smarter, able to comprehend difficult subjects far earlier than a child of that age should. Michael believed that his brother had been born better.

Throughout their childhood, Michael grew to resent his brother, believing that their parents favoured Martin. On their 21st birthday, the twins were each given an antique watch. Michael’s broke after three days while Martin’s continued to tick away contentedly. While inconsequential in the grand scheme of things, this was the final straw for Michael. He threw the watch into the river and gathered up his few belongings and left. He hasn’t looked back since.

Now, in the year 2050, Michael has taken steps to even the odds between him and his brother. He has borrowed, scraped and begged enough money to have a number of bio-tech enhancements implanted into his body. Michael is no more, his records deleted, all connections to his old life gone. Now there is only Janus, the masked mercenary.


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