Ehran The Scribe


Ehran the Scribe rose to national prominence within the last fifteen years. first as a contributor to the Opinions sections of major metropolitan newsfaxes and then as a published author and commentator. His first non-fiction work dealt with the sudden rise of the Metahuman underclass and the social changes that accompanied it. Though not a best-seller, it garnered him much critical and academic praise.

Ehran is best known for his full-length works ‘The New Magic’, ‘Life After 2001’, ‘Mankind Ascendant’ (a Pulitzer prizewinner), and ‘Metagenes: Future Spiral.’ Among his better-known essays and articles are ‘Debunking the Neo-anarchist Myth: Why Humanity Needs Leadership, Toward a Stable Society’ and ‘Latinitis:The Inadequacies of Zoological Terminology in the Awakened World.’

Ehran is a sponsor of the Young Elven Technologists. An organisation of tech savvy elves that have installed security and then ripped off many companies across Seattle.


Ehran The Scribe

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