Ork Decker


An Ork from the Redmond Barrens in Seattle, Cerberus is the third son in a family of 7 children. As a teen, he joined his local street gang as was expected, following in the footsteps of his 2 elder brothers, but unlike them, he showed an aptitude with computers that got him noticed by Jago, a lieutenant in the gang. Realising that Cerberus would be more useful/profitable for the gang if his promising hacking skills can be honed, Jago persuades the boss that getting him a good deck and training will be better than just throwing him out on the street.

After several years, it is decided that Cerberus needs to start returning some of the gangs investment, so he is introduced to Jericho, a local fixer, so he can made available as a decker for hire. After some relatively easy jobs (Jericho testing Cerberus’ skills and reliability), he is given something a little more complex…


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