Shadowrun Seattle 2050 - Get Born Again

9. Past


The team were hired to steal a book called Pandemonicus Faustus from a German noble called Baron Munchmaussen. The team was also asked to deliver a mysterious valise and leave it in place of the book.

The team flew via suborbital aircraft to Germany and travelled through the various fractious states that make up the country. Eventually the team arrived in Schloss Munchmaussen, a beautiful village living in the shadow of the baron’s impressive mountainside keep.

After some scouting and planning the team infiltrated a tour group of the grounds while Janus sneaked into the main grounds. Janus eventually located a replica of the book and was caught in a trap of the Baron’s devising. Janus was taken down by the security staff but managed to radio a message to the rest of the team.

The team rescued Janus from the keep’s basement where they found a vast collection of medieval items, amongst which was the real copy of Pandemonicus Faustus (Collectanea Occultica). The team kidnapped Baron Munchmaussen (a noble troll with rheumatism) and used him to guarantee safe passage out of the barony. The baron was then left in the boot of the car in the next barony and the team began the long journey back to Seattle.



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