Shadowrun Seattle 2050 - Get Born Again

7. Hates


The team met with a woman named Charlie who offered them an assassination job targetting the six leaders of an organisation known as the APN, Associaton Para-Nobilis. This apparently ‘pro-elf’ organisation was responsible for the deaths of several elves throughout the city. The elves were murdered due to their lack of ‘purity’ as the APN believed that all elves should strive to live up to their stereotypical fantasy archetype (as made popular in books such as Lord of the Rings or Dungeons and Dragons). The APN is entirely composed of human ‘elf posers’ – humans who dress up and act like elves.

Plans for the APN’s headquarters were easily obtained from City Records and the infiltration was performed in two parts. Enigma astrally projected into the building and located each target before the rest of the team physically infiltrated the location while under the effect of an invisibility spell.

The heads of the APN were easily terminated but other rank and file members of the APN were left alive. To fulfil a series of bonus payments, an envelope was left in the lap of the body of APN leader, Xeric the Mad, and the left ear tips of each high ranking member was collected and delivered to Charlie.


  • Enigma and Pangea moved into new lodgings together where Enigma, under the guidance of Morven, created a magical lodge.



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