Shadowrun Seattle 2050 - Get Born Again

15. Eye of the Eagle

Rather unusually the team was hired by a shape-shifting eagle to investigate an explosion in a small town in Salish-Sidhe territory. The explosion was the work of terrorists native to the territory; their political aim being the removal of all white settlers from Native lands.

Following a trail of clues from the small town of Kemano, the team fought the Haida National Army of Liberation across the small settlement. The team eventually located clues that led to an abandonded army research base.

The base was partially destroyed but still contained samples of a lethal weaponised virus designed to wipe out all life in an area within a 24 hour period. After that the virus would breakdown and die off. The virus was designed to be airbourne and was not contagious via carriers.

The team fought off more members of the terrorist group and located a small sample of innoculations to the virus. The team also discovered where the HNAL planned to launch a strike against a city on the coast.

The team caught up to a hijacked ferry and killed the terrorists before the ferry reached its destination. The virus was then taken back to the research base and the team collapsed the rest of the facility, sealing the virus samples within.



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