Shadowrun Seattle 2050 - Get Born Again

14. Spiritual

The team was hired to infiltrate a plantation located deep within the Brazilian rainforest and steal a rare orchid. The team was also contracted to leave an optical chip behind in place of the orchid.

The team was ferried to the plantation via a series of flights and then via raft and finally via hiking through native territory. During the journey the runners saw first hand the magical regrowth of the rain forest as human dwellings within it faced a daily battle against the local flora encroachment.

The runners made friends with a friendly local tribe and then encountered a violent tribe guarding the lands surrounding the plantation. The team took out the aggressive natives and, with some help from the friendly tribe, they reached the plantation.

The team successfully crept into the complex and managed to steal the orchid without inflicting any casualties. The team sabotaged a helicopter gunship, then stole a plane and fled from the plantation to an airfield in Lima, Peru.



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