Shadowrun Seattle 2050 - Get Born Again

13. Ivy & Chrome (Cacodemon Debt Default Syndrome)

The team was hired online by a person referring to themself as ‘Diana’. The team were to find a missing teenager called Fayette who had run away from her expensive boarding school.

The girl had fled the school with her elf ganger boyfriend to a ‘back to nature’ commune in Salish-Sidhe land. The team followed the girl there where it was revealed that the girl’s aunt was the commune leader and the one who had hired the team.

Fayette was in hiding from her father, an Aztechnology executive who had performed a ritual and promised two sacrifices to some kind of demon spirit. He had perfomed half of the ritual by killing Fayette’s mother but had yet to kill Fayette in order to complete it. Fayette’s father was determined to seal the deal and kill Fayette with the help of his resources at Aztechnology.

Fayette’s aunt protected her by using stolen Aztechnology funds to pay for Fayette’s new identity and private education. Unfortunately this hard work was ruined when Fayette brought attention to herself by running away from school.

The team organised a defence of the commune and the Aztecnology forces were defeated along with Fayette’s father who succumbed to his wounds and the effects of his failure to complete the ritual (or Cacodemon Debt Default Syndrome as it was so elegantly termed by medical staff).

Fayette was later returned to her school where she proceeded to flunk every class and drop out…



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