Shadowrun Seattle 2050 - Get Born Again

12. Counterstroke

The pollution hangs low over Seattle this twilight, the broken cloud cover scattering shards of orange and purple light. He gazes at the clouds, the light, the sky, for a moment, then dismisses the thought. Too many memories of other nights, other skies. He speaks without turning. She listens without moving.
“Again they plague me. Pawns moved by a hand I cannot plainly see. It is not to be borne, Ariel, nor shall I bear it longer. Chal’han is a game of many moves, and the time has come for mine.”
Now he turns to her, his eyes harder than they have been in ages. She smiles. Ariel has memories of her own.
“Go to these tools of my enemy, Ariel. Learn what they know. Teach them fear.”

The two man team of Cerberus and Janus was hired to extract a corporate employee from her role with Natural Vat Foods. The operation did not go according to plan as a heavy security force arrived during pick-up and forced the duo to accept a lift from a mysterious woman, Ariel Nasir. Once the van was clear of the firefight, the duo were overcome by sleeping gas filtered into the van.

Upon waking the duo found themselves in a prison cell. Eventually a team of thugs took them away individually to be tortured by a man calling himself Doctor What. He asked several questions about previous missions the team had undertaken and inflicted great pain when he didn’t get the answers he wanted.

An elf from the [[11. Loves | Young Elven Technologists]], Lancelot Windtree, oversaw the torture sessions and took great delight in the prisoners’ discomfort.

After some time and much pain, the duo managed to escape their cell by shorting the maglock that contolled the cell door. They recovered their gear and Janus managed to exact some revenge by slaying Lancelot Windtree in cold blood.

They left the underground complex via a secret passage which led a wooded area outside a cliff top house. Government vehicles raced toward the house and the duo took that as their cue to leave and begin the long walk home.



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