Shadowrun Seattle 2050 - Get Born Again

11. Loves

The team was hired by a someone(?) masquerading as an elf by the name of Lee Gorbin. The team was told to break into a club belonging to the poli-club the Young Elven Technologists. Once inside the team would locate and steal passcodes for several business that had hired YET to set up their Matrix security. The team would use these passcodes to hack and run a custom program on an investment firm named Dassurn Securities & Investments. The team was then required to leave the an envelope and a copy of the passcodes in Ehran The Scribe’s office within the poli-club building.

The team took the job and scouted the place out, locating points of entry and security weaknesses. The team returned in the middle of the night to raid the building and complete their tasks. After some sneaking and combat involving onsite security, Cerberus performed two runs – one to steal the passcodes and another to hack Dassurn and run the program. The program drained Dassurn Securities of all of its funds and delivered them into one account. Dassurn’s accounts were empty and someone became very rich.

The team managed to deliver the envelope and passcodes and fled as the APN arrived to attack the YET for some unrelated matter. In the confusion the team escaped into the night and returned home to find their accounts had already been paid for the completed job.



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