Shadowrun Seattle 2050 - Get Born Again

10. Bottled Demon

Bottled Demon

The team was approached by a sweaty, shifty looking man by the name of Topal. He offered a simple job – bodyguard him for a few hours while he conducted a business deal. The team agreed and Topal arranged them later in the night.

Topal drove the team out to a junkyard in the Puyallup Barrens where he met with a mysterious elf by the name of Bloodwing. Topal attached a briefcase to Enigma’s wrist and began to negotiate but before the deal could take place, the participants were ambushed by Lone Star forces. They announced that they were there to arrest the terrorist, Bloodwing. Not wanting to be arrested, the team fled after Topal was killed by a stray bolt of magic.

After successfully fleeing the scene, the team laid low and examined the briefcase they had taken from Topal. The case contained a strange idol of a demon holding an orb. The idol was an incredibly powerful magical focus that could be used without bonding to it. There was something strange about the idol though, it’s power source came from somewhere other than the usual magical energies.

The team found that they were being hunted by Lone Star as their descriptions were plastered all over the evening news. The team moved on from their compromised hidey hole but were ambushed by a magical society called The Children of Sophocles. Fortunately the team was able to talk the magic users down before any blood was spilled. The Children were seeking to avenge the death of Topal and had assumed the team was responsible. When given the full story (and a look at the idol) the Children pointed the team toward a Dog Shaman by the name of Trixie who could help them with the idol.

Upon meeting Trixie, she explains that she had dreamt of the idol and knew it was an item of incredible power and evil. She explained that the idol must be destroyed before it brought ruin upon the team. In Trixie’s opinion the only being capable of destroying such a powerful item would be a dragon. Fortunately Trixie knew of a dragon in Seattle by the name of Geyswain.

The team met with Geyswain and he agreed to destroy the idol in return for a favour owed by the team. Relieved to be rid of the item, and for no up front cost, the team left (although Enigma had to be sedated in order to give up the idol – she had become somewhat ‘attached’ to it).

Shortly after leaving the team was picked up by a person claiming to be a Great Dragon by the name of Arleesh. She was annoyed at the team for leaving the idol with a so-called ‘lesser’ dragon and now wanted the team to help her regain the idol and actually destroy it for real. According to Arleesh, Geyswain was incapable of destroying the idol and would attempt to harness its power.

After some time spent planning, the team approached Geyswain’s corporate lair and found that someone had already broken into the building’s matrix system. Inside the building the security guards had already been killed by various methods. It was clear something had gone horribly wrong in Geyswain’s lair.

The team confronted Geyswain and found that he had attempted to use the idol’s powers. In doing so it had turned him into a wild killer, he had slaughtered his security staff and was in the process of killing Bloodwing when the team arrived. The team attacked Geyswain, with Bloodwing’s help, while Arleesh held back. Once Geyswain had been taken down, Arleesh swooped in in her true form as a Feathered Serpent and rendered the idol inert. She tossed the now useless idol to Pangea and flew off, leaving the team to once again deal with a Lone Star taskforce.

Bloodwing offered Pangea 50,000 for the idol which Pangea accepted. Just as Lone Star were about to arrest Bloodwing, he produced papers which identified him as a diplomat belonging to Tir Tairngire, thus giving him diplomatic immunity and avoiding arrest. The team fled into the night as Pangea was still a wanted man for crimes committed earlier in his career (also, the team think he probably killed a cop during their confrontation with Lone Star).



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